Undercover Operators Squad

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Two Undercover Operators are equipped with HK416 compact carbines for close in firepower, for use from inside vehicles or on foot. They have covert body armour, comms and ammo, ballistic glasses and discreet clothes to blend in with the population while still operating. Two Undercover Operators are equipped with Sig Sauer P226 pistols, body rig comms and covert clothing to blend in. They carry lightweight gear with hidden backup weapons and ballistic glasses. These female operators are ideal for use with the other models in the Undercover Operators range, or the Tier 1 range. Armed with an HK416 assault carbine and a Glock pistol, these models have ‘gone overt’ and ready to do battle. Ideal for use with the ‘covert’ rule in Spectre: Operations. One Undercover Operator is equipped with an MP7A1 sub machine gun for devastating close in firepower to deal with compromise or emergencies. He has body rig comms an covert body armour for survivability in extreme circumstances.

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