Wars of Ozz

The destruction is final. Most of what was once on earth lies in darkness. The remaining life struggles to survive. Through the centuries, mutating, evolving and developing, drawing what knowledge they could from the old world.
Eventually new cultures, cities, rulers and forces came into existence. All vying for supremacy in this new world --- “The World of OZZ”
Armies form as Munchkins and Qualdlings battle the forces of the Winkies and Gillikins, with many various and strange creatures, peoples and forces becoming involved in the Wars of Ozz."Wars of Ozz" is an exciting set of rules written by Colonel (retired) Buck Surdu, well known author of many wargame rules, games master, and all around hobby guy.
There are full armies, personalities with full backgrounds, incredible creatures and monsters, regions, lands, cities all shown on our "lands of Ozz" map.
This is a game I have been personally developing in my mind for years. A mixture of history and fantasy with whole new people's. This is our land of Ozz, so do not expect to see Dorothy or Toto. Tired of the same old thing over and over, Napoleonics, orcs and dwarves?
Then keep keep an eye out for this exciting new project!!