The Wayward Eight Posse Box


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Marcus Wayward is the charismatic and cocksure leader of his crew. Marcus treats his Posse like a large dysfunctional family and this has led to more than one falling out within this close-knit team. That said, when the job is at hand they pull together and get it done. From the dependable Hicks Kincade and his wife Zarelda, the technical prodigy Kay Free, the gun-happy Jake Mattia, the manipulative Sierra Icarus, to the protective Sun Totem and the enigmatically alien Flowing River, the Wayward Eight are as varied but reliable a band of Outlaws as you are likely to find on the Frontier. Providing the cause is just (or the job pays well) you'll be able to hire this respectable gang! The Wayward Eight Posse contains 1x Marcus Wayward 1x Zarelda Kincade 1x Hicks Kincade 1x Jake Matia 1x Flowing River 1x Sun Totem 1x Sierra Icarus 1x Kay Free 8x Bases

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