Shadows of Brimstone:Werewolf Feral kin


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Stalking the moonlit night, werewolves howl as they run and leap across the desert valleys, prowling the roads for unwary travelers to descend upon! A haunted and terrible form of life, the werewolf is human much of the time, until gripped by the Darkness within and transformed into a towering mass of muscle, fur, and razor-sharp claws. The ultimate supernatural killing machine, these creatures of the night slash and bite with a beastly rage and reckless abandon, often passing their Curse onto those unfortunate souls that manage to survive being shredded by their brutal attacks.

This Mission Pack contains a set of beastly Werewolf Feral Kin (6 Large models) as well as a new Objective Room Map Tile, over 40 new cards themed for these brutal Enemies, and 4 new Missions that create a narrative story campaign.

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