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The frontier of Saratoga is bloody and unforgiving. Punishment is a way of life. There’s no reward for dodging difficulties. If you want to win, you have to chew some lead and spit some blood, but to the victor go the spoils. So heel up, pick your posse and you just might make it out alive. High Noon is a tactical combat board game set in a fictional Wild West universe. Take control of your posse as they look to seize the day with the most gold at the end of 12 rounds, or as the last posse standing.
This core game starter set has everything you and up to 3 more players need to stage epic shootouts in the backwater town of Sweetwater Gulch.
14 Pre-assembled PVC 28mm Scale Miniatures
144 Posse Playing Cards
102 Loot Cards
18 Loot Crates
61 Poker Chip Counters
40 Gold Bars
14 Character Sheets
12 Water Resistant Glossy Polystyrene Board Tiles Including Bank, Jail, Roads and Alleys
1 Core Rulebook
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