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The sound of heavy footsteps moves closer and closer. You and your friends came here for some fun, but now you’re fighting for your lives…. Welcome to Don’t Look Back. Written by Matthew Burns and published by Black Site Studios, Don’t Look Back is a solo or cooperative tabletop miniatures game where you create a cinematic experience in a world of suspense and terror. Players control four heroes against a randomly generated AI Killer on a 3×3 foot playing surface. Designed to be played in under an hour, this simple tabletop experience is perfect to play with friends or family. Fans of horror cinema will love recreating their favorite cinematic gore-fests in this fast paced and easy to learn game. Why not kickstarter? We are fortunate to be an established company, and while we might use crowdfunding in the future for larger and more complex projects, it didn’t make sense for us to use it at this time. The game is already finished, miniatures are in production, and the rule book is undergoing its final proof before going off to the printer. We are aiming to have an October 15th ship date for this, and we are very confident that can be met! Dont Look Back – The Game All the components from the base game which include – Dont Look back full 32 page rules Booklet – 6x Hero Minis (Miniatures are 35mm from the feet to the top of the head) – 1x Killer Mini (with tons of weapon and head options) – Tokens and Dice – 1x Large Lake Cabin – 1x Well – 1x Woodshed

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