A little about ourselves.

Guild BallStar Wars: X-Wing Miniature GameDiscover Games provides table top games for retail sale and space to play those games for all ages. The games are ones normally not found in larger retail stores. The games include board games, miniature games, role playing games, card games, and other table top games. Discover Games provides a safe and family friendly place to play and creates opportunities to play table top games by hosting events and open play for all ages. Discover Games also provides space for gaming clubs and groups to meet and play.

Warhammer 40kMagic the GatheringWe believe we offer an alternative to computer and online gaming by providing customers games at an affordable price along with place that customers can come and meet with friends and family and have a social outlet for their gaming hobby. By doing this, we will grow the gaming hobby in the local area and Metro Atlanta. We will host nightly and weekly events to support our product line while providing play space for our customers.

Our passion is to have fun by learning new games and playing our favorite games with family and friends.

Our goal – To become the #1 place for all table top gaming in south Atlanta.

Who are we?

Allen Barton

Troy Redd

Discover Rewards Program

As a way to say thanks for visiting our store, we have design a program that not only rewards purchases made in the store but rewards guest for hosting and playing in events at Discover Games. The basic program allows you to gain 1 point for every dollar spent in the store. These points continue to add up until you decide to use them, once you use your points they are gone. The longer you wait to spend your points the bigger the reward.

Redeem points for the following:

250 points – $10 off your purchase
500 points – $25 off your purchase
1000 points – $75 off your purchase
1250 points – 10% discount on your purchase, and all future purchases for 1 full year (Discover Member)
1500 points – $125 off your purchase
2000 points – $200 off your purchase
3000 points – $300 off your purchase

As a note, you can only use the points after you have earned them, not on the same purchase that reward the points.

For our Rewards Program, we work with a company called AppCard for managing the rewards. They offer an App our customers can use to track their rewards, and they help us keep track of the points you’ve earned when you visit the store. The App is not necessary to use the program.

​And, finally, please understand that this is not a cash-back program, and we cannot split a reward across multiple purchases. If you cash in 500 points on a purchase that costs $15.00, we cannot give you $10.00 back, nor can we bank that $10.00 for a future purchase.

Other discounts:

One time 10% discount for signing up – must be used within 1 month

10% discount on birthday

10% discount for military/first responders

Maximum total discount is 20%

Discounts can be stack with Discover Rewards/Awards

Discover Award Points (see Discover Award Page to be published soon)

Earn points by playing in the store

25 points for hosting a game

5 points for playing in hosted game

100 points for hosting a tournament + 20 points per player in tournament

Maximum Discounts

Certain products in our store have maximum discounts, defined by the manufacturer or distributor. If you’re eligible for a discount beyond a product’s maximum discount, your discount will be reduced to the maximum for that item only. For example, Battle Foam and Frontline have a maximum discount of 10%; to provide anything higher would cause us to lose access to their product line.

Additionally, for most events (Tournaments, Friday Night Magic, etc), the entry fee is not discountable. This is because those fees are used to cover the actual cost of the event, including prize support. A few other items are also not discountable and certain products that simply cost us too much to discount aggressively. When you buy such items, the rest of your purchase will be discounted at full available level. Of course, we will let you know of any such restrictions at the time of purchase, so you can choose to select a different product if you wish. Additionally, discounts can never be combined beyond 20%, due to product margins, and our desire to stay in business. A military member is a Discover Member with a birthday would have a discount of 30% under normal circumstances. Their discount overall would be capped at 20%.

When combining discounts and spending rewards points, the rewards points are applied before the discount is applied. So, for example, if you’re buying $100.00 in product, and have a $25.00 reward to spend during an event that has a 10% discount going on, it will be calculated as follows (before taxes are applied): 100 – 25 = 75 – (75 * 0.10) = 67.50

You will, of course, earn reward points on the balance of the purchase (67.50 in the example above).

Changes to this Program

We try to offer the best discounts we can and at the same time be consistence when we do, however, we reserve the right to make changes to our rewards program as needed. In general, we will attempt to provide at least 30 days notice for any change that changes the benefits outlined above. For changes that increase the benefits to our customers, we may choose to be more aggressive in our timetables.

Rules to Live By/Play By

Have Fun – that’s why we are here!

Respect Others

  • Win with grace, lose with style.
  • Don’t touch other people’s stuff.
  • Clean up after yourself. (trash and terrain)

Family Atmosphere

  • Don’t be obnoxious.
  • Parents keep up with your kids.

No Outside Drinks

  • Keep those lids on/watch bottles on the tabletops.
  • Let us know ASAP if there is a spill.
  • Empties go in trash can.

No Stinky Stuff

  • No smoking inside and pick up those butts outside.
  • No smelly food, people, animals, or anything else.

No Gambling – because I bet you’ll lose.

Enjoy Playing – it’s just a game!